10th meeting of the European Regulators Group for Audiovisual Media Services (ERGA)

On 6 November 2018, the heads of National Regulatory Authorities responsible for Audiovisual Media Services elected a new ERGA vice-chair, Karim Ibourki (Belgian CSA). He joins the Chair Ľuboš Kukliš (Slovak regulator) and vice-chair Tobias Schmid (German regulator) in steering ERGA in the next year.

At the plenary, ERGA members approved the work done in 2018 and adopted the deliverables.

The Group also adopted the Work Programme for 2019, where work will be executed via four subgroups:

  1. Media plurality (continuation from 2018) – the topic will be continued beyond internal media plurality with a focus on external plurality and media literacy.
  2. Future of ERGA (new) – to explore how could ERGA work better in the post-revision period.
  3. Implementation of the revised AVMSD (continuation from 2018) – to address the changes brought about by the revised AVMSD, which were not covered by the Subgroup in 2018.
  4. Gender diversity (new) – as a new topic, the regulators will concentrate on the provisions for Gender balance and the exchange of good practices in this field.

The Members also recognized the need to permanently integrate the document repository Digital European Toolkit (on CIRCABC) and the ERGA Academy into the ERGA structure.

Exact details will be defined in the Terms of Reference for each subgroup. Work on these will start soon so that the Group may begin working on the topics at the beginning of next year.

Press release

Adopted documents
ERGA SG1 – Report on internal plurality (external link – large)
ERGA SG3 – Analysis and Discussion Paper to contribute to the consistent implementation of the revised AVMSD
ERGA SG4 – Framework for Effective Co-Regulation of VSPs (simple version • revised graphics version)
ERGA Work Programme 2019